How to Create Avatar on WhatsApp and Use it as a Profile Photo

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Create avatar on WhatsApp to join the new WhatsApp development. Meta has made the whole thing easier now because users no longer need to travel to Facebook messenger to have the fun of designing their avatars but also do it on WhatsApp with all the tools intact.

You must have seen avatar and its creation in the likes of iMessenger by Apple and Facebook messenger inclusively, in fact making avatar on Facebook messenger is the most popular one and due to how it drew lots of attention, Meta brought it into WhatsApp. Now, you can use your Android phone, in WhatsApp, and create a likeness of you as a cartoon.

Making an avatar on WhatsApp is another feature that will keep you busy and help you consume time when viewing posts in statuses is not an option. With the tools, you can choose any facial expression or shape, different hairstyles, and tones, choose a skin tone, prove your fashion sense with the clothing apparel in the avatar wardrobe, fix a posture, and save your creations.

Also, if you are not a fan of posting your pictures as your profile photo all the time, you can just design cartoon likenesses of your personality and looks to upload as a photo on WhatsApp. Apart from that, the avatars can serve as emojis, use them to bring your expressions to life when you chat with friends online or whenever you wish not to type or speak much.

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How to Download WhatsApp for Making Avatar

There is no separate app for avatar creation. In case you desire to make an avatar on WhatsApp at any time, simply update your WhatsApp if it is not yet up to date. Run the update for iPhone WhatsApp and Android WhatsApp depending on the one you are using.

When your WhatsApp by Meta is updated, you can design the 3D avatar, then use it to show your feelings in chats. Meanwhile, some will find it hard to locate the new feature among the options subcategorized under Settings but that shouldn’t be a problem after your app is updated. The feature is not yet rolled out to some countries.

If you are unable to find the feature after installing the latest WhatsApp app for Android and the latest WhatsApp for iPhone, relax and wait till it is rolled out to your region.

How to Create Avatar on WhatsApp

You will soon see how to use an avatar as a profile photo on WhatsApp but before that, learn how to customize an avatar on WhatsApp:

  • Hope you have updated the app by now.
  • Login to the account through the app on your phone.
  • Move to the three dots at the top right-hand of your first screen.
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  • Selecting Settings will lead you to where the options housing Avatar is.
Create Avatar on WhatsApp image
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  • Find Avatar in the second line right after Account.
  • As I said earlier, you will know how eligible you are for the new development when you open the app settings page.
  • Getting to the Avatar creation platform, get ready to start your creative journey.
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Photo: Geekdailies
  • Tap the Create Your Avatar button.
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Photo: Geekdailies
  • Choose a skin color for your upcoming avatar.
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  • From the squares, choose the eye makeup, nose shape, face shape, shape of the mouth, and other body parts.
  • Go through the parts and sizes by tapping the large icons below your design space.
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Photo: Geekdailies
  • Choose the body shape and type here by the time you are done choosing how the eyes and others should look.
  • Also, select how you want the clothes to appear.
  • Add other apparel to your fashion if you wish to.
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Photo: Geekdailies
  • When you are done and satisfied with your creation, go to Save Changes and approve.

We are done creating an avatar on WhatsApp, see how to upload it for the world to see at a go.

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How to Upload Avatar as a WhatsApp Profile Picture

Show your cartoon self to all your friends on WhatsApp when they talk with you or just view your profile by uploading your designs as you usually change profile pictures before. In case you have forgotten

  1. Go to Settings from the three dots at the top right side of the page.
  2. Select Edit when you tap on your current profile picture.
  3. Hit the “Use Avatar”.
  4. Choose the design from your designs that you desire to use now.
  5. Upload and you are done.

Creating Avatar on WhatsApp keeps users very much alive, you can check it out now as you have already seen what the creation procedure looks like.

You can now tell me what you think about the newly rolled-out feature – WhatsApp Avatar in the comment section.

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