How to Delete Pinterest Account Without Logging in

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You can delete pinterest account without logging in, if you have lost your password, then you need not to worry because Pinterest has a way of giving you all that you needed. Meanwhile if you have any issue trying to sign into your account, you can  use the steps below to recover your login details.

Pinterest is one of the best business app any business person can ever have, it has several features that makes it outstanding when compared to others. App can be used to connect to  different companies and products from different parts of the world. For instance,if you desire to get to know more about a particular product very well, you can follow any of the PINS to reach to them.

More so, you will get to learn more professionally and become more experienced in the field that you are. That is why you can see millions of people connected on Pinterest. So, we will be teaching you on this page, how to delete Pinterest account easily also you will be learning how yu can delete Pinterest acount without logging in.

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How to Delete Pinterest Account

To delete Pinterest account is very easy, in fact you can delete  the account and even uninstall the app without any guide at all and if its that you cant remember your password, you can still delete your account with simple steps that you will be learning from this page:

  • Go to the Pinterest website or simply type on your browser, and then login.
  • Navigate to the right hand side of your screen to also click on settings.
  • This time you have decided that you will delete yout account, so in the navigationa panel, click on “account settings”
  • Scroll dow to the account changes side to choose and of the folowing:

Delete pinteret account – you wil be told that once you delete your pinterest account permanently that you may likly not recover such account again.

Deactivate pinterest account – This option permits you to stay away from for a while and then you can get it back on anytime you want to.

  • So proceed to choose the first option and then click on delete account. Your PINS, data, contacts and others will be trashed completely.

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How to Delete Pinterest Account Without Logging in

If you have lost your Pinterest account password, you can recover it and then login to delete your account, all you need is to first recover your login details. Moreover, you don’t need to keep searching for how to delete pinterest account without logging in because you cannot delete pinterest without signing into your account, so use the steps below to first recover your login and then apply for an account delete.

To Delete Pinterest with Password

  • Go to interest website.
  • click on login and then enter your details.
  • Proceed to click now on forgotten password.
  • Pinterest will request that you supply the email address that you used in creating an account with them, but if you cant remember, you can equally supply the phone number used in registering pinterest.
  • Once that is done, the next thing is that a code will be sent to such supplied details, so copy the code and paste at the space provided for it.
  • If you are able to do that, then you will be given an opportunity to recreate another pinterest password.
  • Confirm to be sure that the password matches.
  • Follow now the next button to login to pinterest.
  • Finally observe the steps above to delete your pinterest account forever.

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