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Download Facebook fellowship program application form to create a new chance for development. Take this chance provided and funded by Facebook ( Meta ), the most popular and rich social media network worldwide. This present scheme is addressed to upcoming Ph.D. candidates. So, make it a point of duty to apply the postgraduate scholarship so as to accomplish the zenith of your dream.

Candidates are trained to perfection when a thorough application is conducted. Certain universities were allotted to this scheme and lucky beneficiaries will be admitted to either of theses accredited universities so that their career training will be administered respectively. So, do you an advancement training, a research program on your field of study? We will help you establish a perfect skillset for your career field but you have to discover if your course concentration is among the eligible coursework.

That said, there are limited number of discipline to access with this scholarship grant set by Facebook. After courses discovery, download Facebook fellowship program form so that you can quietly and properly apply this postgraduate scholarship online and promptly. As a matter of fact, this page will reveal all the courses prior to this scholarship for your best interest. Learn more about the scholarship requirements and additional prerequisites by your field of study.

Therefore, it might interest you to know that your academic transcripts will be needed. These documents will prove how eligible you are to startup the Ph.D program. It will prove if you are worthy of the support that Facebook is intending to offer. In that case, see how to download Facebook fellowship program application form, the eligibility requirements, accredited courses and then, eligible nationalities.

Eligible Constituencies

It will interest you to know that this is a globally-allotted scholarship. So, students from different localities and professions are qualified to receive this fund and support disbursed by Facebook.

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Accredited Courses

Here are list of courses in accreditation by this Facebook fellowship scholarship program. Only students that are approaching with this field of study in mind will win consideration. Meanwhile, these students must have received a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree certificate in this same field so as to become totally qualified for this scheme.

However, below are qualified courses recognized in this scholarship;

  • Privacy and Data Use.
  • Systems for Machine Learning.
  • Security and Privacy.
  • Block and Cryptoeconomics.
  • AR/VR Computer Graphics.
  • Instagram/Facebook App Well-being and Safety.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Energy Efficient Video Compression.
  • Networking.
  • Programming Languages.
  • Spoken Language Processing and Audio Classification.
  • Social and Economic Policy.
  • Natural Language Processing.
  • Applied Statistics.
  • AR/VR Photonics and Optics.
  • Distributed Systems.
  • Economics and Computation.
  • Database Systems.
  • Computational Social Science.
  • AR/VR Future Technologies.

Have you seen available subjects? These are Facebook work for candidates that wants to work in Facebook while some of the discipline has been taken by students in their diverse institutions. So, you can enjoy the fund, gain an advancement so as to be enlightened on features related to the subject. Moreover, there are other benefits of Facebook fellowship program that may shock you.

Benefits of Facebook Fellowship Program Scholarship to Students

Closely study all the benefits and importance of the Facebook fellowship program for students that were later enlisted and publicized as beneficiaries;

  • You will receive a fee waiver for your tuition fee.
  • More to that, an annual grant will be rendered for consecutive 2 years.
  • This scholarship will offer you the chances to collide and collaborate with Facebook researchers.
  • It might interest you to know that during this scholarship program you can always visit Facebook headquarters for annual fellowship summit.

Download Facebook Fellowship Program Application Form

Download Facebook fellowship program form so as to be able to apply the Facebook scholarship program for Ph.D. students intending to attain a Doctoral degree certificate in any of the above listed subjects. Quietly turn on your data connection if you have already turned it off.

Launch a web browser or open another tab to visit, your application starts on the page. So, follow the page rules to fill the application form. Ensure that you study all the terms and condition before hitting the “Apply” button.

But should in case you encounter difficulty while applying, you can request for a support with the comment box below. We render 24/7 support.

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