How to Transfer Money from First Bank to Other Banks

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Moving money is an inevitable act of human being. You can transfer money from First bank not other banks because of the style of banking services rendered worldwide including in First bank. Its true that you can freely open an account but you willbe frustrated when you have no idea of how to do transfer. As a result of that, we have compiled for you how to transfer money from first bank to other banks. Ready? lets ride!

Transferring money to other banks in first bank is something to write home about. Why? Its because they have introduced the easy method of distributing money from their bank to another bank or account. Interestingly, you can stay at your home and go to more than five banks with your smartphone. Its called smartphone and it does things smartly. In that essence, there is a routine for seamless money transfer and they include using the easy banking code or first bank internet banking app.

All of these are successful with a proof of being a member which is having an account. It is from your account that all of these transfers will be made. Moreover, always expect a transfer charge for any transfer done online. If you will be unable to cope with the transfer charges, then you are prompt to go to your recipients bank directly and pay-in the cash. But the primary aim of this post is to teach you how to do seamless and cashless banking from first bank to any bank in the world.

Therefore, consult this post when you are about to indulge in transfers. Or you use the comment box below to ask questions if you still need more detailed information. You can as well add to the ones unveiled here if your mindset is not revealed. But for now, lets crack the egg of how to transfer money from first bank to other banks. After this gap is bridged, your ignorance will disappear.

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First Bank Transfer Code

This is an instant USSD code from first bank to first bank customers for fast transaction communication. On this aspect, it is recommended that you must know the code and your intention for dialing the code. Once you pick up your phone collided with your banking sim ( the phone number used for opening the account), enter *840#. Lists of first bank online services will appear, use the numbers to open your next page.

If you are a first time user, you will be prompted to generate an authentication code, more like a password of four pins. Once you input these 4 numbers, any transaction you applied for, will be successful aside if there is no good network. That is to say, its not healthy to unveil this pin to a third party. Anyways, you can simply dial *840*amount you want to transfer* receiver’s account number#

Requirements for First Bank Transfers through code

  • Recipient’s account number
  • Recipient’s bank
  • The account name
  • Amount to be transferred
  • The confirmation code/pin

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How to Transfer Money from First Bank to other Banks

It is very simple with all these aforementioned details. You either transfer to the account by moving to the receiver’s account directly or you launch first bank mobile app to that effect. The banking app is working hand in hand with your online banking account.

  1. Open your banking app
  2. Login with your username and password if your account wasn’t logged in
  3. Click on Transfer
  4. Enter the account number
  5. Choose the bank from the opt-in options
  6. Confirm the name
  7. Identify the amount and enter your confirmation code
  8. Your approval message will be shown and the account is credited immediately while yours is debited. If it wasn’t credited, the receiver should exercise patience for the next 24 hours. Meanwhile, it will bounce back if the transaction wasn’t executed.

Mobile Banking App First Bank

First bank introduced this upgraded app for instant and seamless banking services. You are sure of 24/7 banking with first bank app. Launch your app store for Android and iPhone to download this app. Indicate the app by entering first bank mobile app on the search column. Click on Download. Open the app, login to:

  • Transfer to other countries
  • Check your e-statements
  • Pay your bills and make quick payments
  • Recharge any network and recharge for your friend
  • Pay your friends and pay your employees
  • Block your credit card
  • Contact team support for First Bank when you need help.

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