WeChat Web Signup Login: How to Login WeChat Account

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You can learn how you can do Wechat web signup login today, also, learn how you can download and create a WeChat account. However, if you have not heard about the wechat.com app or have not downloaded it before, that will not be an issue since we are here to guide you.

To do a Wechat web signup login on any device is very easy and when I say weChat web login I simply mean to login to your WeChat account from your phone or pc, just like WhatsApp web, so yes, you can actually be on WeChat on phone and then also be on the same account on pc.

Mind you that WeChat works only on phone, but can be viewed on PC, the thing is, you will have to scan your QR Code across so that you can be able to harness your WeChat on another device, both tablet, and pc, this connection can be made.

More so, if you have ever wished to chat on WeChat using a PC, then here is how to do that. However, before we proceed to show you how you can do Wechat web login, we will first show you how to create WeChat account this can be helpful if you have not gotten the app yet.

WeChat App Download

It will all start by you doing Wechat download,then you will register and then connect:

  • Open the follow come app store in your phone and tap on the search box.
  • Enter WeChat and then instruct to search.
  • Once you see the app, download and install it appropriately.
  • Agree on the app’s usage or terms of use.

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WeChat Registration

This is the second phase, especially when trying to do wechat web signup login, you will have to properly register an account after you downloaded the app:

  • You just downloaded the app, so the app will now be inside your phone, so go find it, tap on sight to open it.
  • Enter your mobile phone number and then get a code that will be sent to your phone number and then paste at the space meant for it.
  • You will have to now enter a profile name of your choice, formulate a password of your choice and when asked to supply your email address please do.
  • Finall finish up your registration.

WeChat Registration Verification

To successfully do wechat web signup login, you will need to verify your new account and you will need a third party to do that. This is purely for security reasons, how to do that:

  • Find another WeChat user and make way to request that he or she gives you an invite code.
  • Also, request for such from your platform.
  • A code will be sent to the third party user which you supplied the name to WeChat, now get the code and paste at the time needed.
  • If that was correct then you are good to go.

WeChat Web Signup Login

You can chat better with much speed if you will be doing that with your desktop or pc or even tablet, but WeChat doesn’t permit pc login but you can do wechat web signup login to access your account on PC:

  • Find your QR code on your wechat app.
  • Once you do that, go now to your PC and download WeChat.com app.
  • Install the app into your device and launch it properly.
  • You will now have to scan your WeChat QR code on phone to that of the PC. wait for them to make a match and here it goes.

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Dos and Don’t Of WeChat Web Login

  • Your WeChat account must be on even while still connected on pc.
  • Try not to go far so as not to lose a connection.
  • If you misplace your phone, you may likely need to lose contact.
    • Also, once you sign out, you will need to scan again so as to reconnect.
  • Moreover, there are things you cannot do like, to perform major changes on your account using your pc.

I hope this guide was helpful, if yes, kindly use the comment box below to rate this guide.

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